Building & Installing on Red Hat Systems (Was: Make error - Solved)

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Tue Dec 2 17:24:38 CET 2008


> The current version of FreeRADIUS in RHEL5/CentOS is 1.1.3. It is very  
> unlikely the 1.1.3 version will ever be removed from RHEL5 because of  
> the commitment for version stability in an enterprise distribution. On  


apart from the fact that 1.1.3 had so many bugs and doesnt work with
Vista - and 1.1.5 had a remote attack/DoS method.  i know RH have a
really nasty habit of backporting later bits back to previous versions
(aaargh!) however, there is no valid reason even in this 'enterprise
view' for the latest 1.1.x stable release which is config file etc
compatible to not be the standard release in the distro. they certainly
dont hold back that much with eg apache or BIND releases. 
so, why isnt 1.1.7 the chosen version for these distros. time? effort?

> In the mean time, RHEL/CentOS user's most productive course of action if  
> they want a 2.1 version of FreeRADIUS is to build the RPM's themselves  
> on their RHEL/CentOS systems. This is one of the reasons I wrote the  
> FAQ, to provide you with instructions on how to build the RPM's yourself.

agreed. good work.


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