Programatically provision users to server.

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Thu Dec 4 10:57:39 CET 2008

>I am thinking of adding a FreeRadius server to an existing
>infrastructure in order to provision users through an application. I
>am currently running a WLAN controller connecting several access
>points. Currently users are added manually through the WLAN controller
>Could I add a FreeRadius server and be able to programatically add
>users to it? I need to be able to do this through a Ruby on Rails


>I am thinking I would have to either:
>1. Use some sort of API
>2. Run a script that uses a command line interface

No. Much simpler than that. You can store users, passwords and radius
attributes for freeradius in a MySQL database. Use Ruby on Rails
application to manage user/group entries in the database. Ruby is quite
good for that.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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