Programatically provision users to server.

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So I was taking a look at the schema's provided on Github. Can someone
narrow down for me what the workflow of provisioning a user would look
Specifically what I need to do is authorize/de-authorize users using a
timestamp. So what I am thinking is:

1. I would provision users in my Rails application.
2. Authenticated users would then be added to or looked up in a FreeRadius
server schema (table?)
3. FreeRadius users would need to 'timeout' or expire. Is this possible
programatically? Would I have to run a sweep outside of FreeRadius to expire

Does the mere presence of a user in a specific FreeRadius schema allow its
access or does it make it 'available' to be given access? If that's the case
how would I give them access programatically. I suspect there is another
authorization table or something of the sort.

Thanks again for the help.


On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 1:15 PM, <tnt at> wrote:

> >Has anyone done this before in any language?
> I've done it in ASP.NET (C#), php and perl (on separate occasions). You
> actually have dialup admin (php) included with the server. That is not
> under active development. daloRadius is (you will find the developer
> lurking on this list).
> >Any potential issues to
> >watch out for?
> Not much. Changes from version to version might require application
> alterations. Schema, attributes, operators are not set in stone.
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