Regarding Dynamiv Vlan Association Via Radius Server

duraivelanc Chockalingam duraivelanc at
Wed Dec 10 02:54:38 CET 2008


This is Durai Velan C, from India.

I would like to know about the Free Radius Version that supports, "Dynamic
VLAN Association" for an User that is getting authenticated from Radius

Here by, I would require the Free Radius Server Configurations document to
aid the Same.


1.) My Radius Server IP auth =, acct =

2.) User = alcatel , Domain =
3.) User password = alcatel

4.) Authentication: 8021.X , through MD5-Challenge.

If possible, kindly provide me the Radius Server COnfiguration for the above
mentioned, details

Your help on the same would be great

Durai velan C
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