Is 2.1.3 sqlippool fast enough?

Dave dave at
Wed Dec 10 22:35:57 CET 2008

(repost, was posted as part of wrong thread)

I have had a number of problems with 1.1.7 and sqlippool that its simply
not able to process more than 10-20 connections at any one time.

I will upgrade to 2.1.3 if its capable of handing 50-80 connections at
one time?  Does any one know?
My server is a p4 dual core 3.0ghz and its also handing some load of
emails for about 200 accounts.

I tried to optimize my mysql installation, etc num_server but I could
never get it fast enough.

Anyone know of tricks, or if 2.1.3 freeradius is any better? or should I
be looking at some other way to hand out IPs?  I really like the
sqlippool way of doing things. 


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