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Jason Wittlin-Cohen jwittlincohen at
Thu Dec 11 01:32:58 CET 2008

>server certs seem fine but generated client cert in Windows shows
>"Windows does not have enough information to verify" and yes, I have
>loaded the 'ca.der' file generated by the instructions on the Windows
>client and that installs in 'Trusted Root Authorities'. The 'client'
>cert seems to install in 'Other People', and does include the
>XPextensions stuff.


You have to install the root certificate and client certificate to the
correct certificate store. You have two options - the machine store or the
personal certificate store of your current Windows user. The personal
certificate store is probably what you want.

Double click the client certificate, select "install certificate" and choose
"Place the certificate in the following store". Select the "Personal"
certificate store. That should solve your problem.


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