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Ying DONG ydong at astri.org
Thu Dec 11 03:07:12 CET 2008

Hi, thanks for your quick reply.
I have seen the documents related with wimax in the freeradius, files in rlm_wimax directory, dictionary.wimax, /modules/wimax. However, I didn't figure out how to configure it to let it use the wimax vender specified attribute. I also find the MSK is set to 32 bytes length. I am a little confused. Why not set the length to 64 bytes as the standard specified? In this case, how to generate 64-byte MSK in the access accept msg?



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Ying DONG wrote:
> I am using the freeradius server 2.1.1 as the Radius server in the
> network to authenticate a wimax user.
> It seems that it could support the wimax VSA, since I found the
> dictionary.wimax in the dictionary directory.

  If you look at the *rest* of the configuration files, you'll see more
references to WiMAX.  Also, the release announcements, the web page...

> However, in my application, in the Access Accept message, the freeradius
> server Include the attributes  of vendor-id 311 (microsoft), not having
> the  expected attributes of wimax (such as MSK attribute).

  Because you have to configure it to do that.

> I want to how the radius server determine which dictionary it should use
> to response the incoming request?

  That's not how RADIUS works.  It doesn't "determine" a dictionary to use.

> What I should do to make the freeradius server set the wimax specified
> attribute in the access-accept msg?

  Read raddb/modules/wimax.  This is documented.

  Alan DeKok.
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