accounting bug in Mikrotik

Santiago Balaguer García santiagoawa at
Thu Dec 11 11:38:02 CET 2008

It is what I thought:  Accounting Stop packet should be the only thing that inserts dates.
Thanks.> To: freeradius-users at> Subject: Re: accounting bug in Mikrotik> Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 10:59:26 +0100> From: tnt at> > > I am working with freeradius and mikrotik gateway for a long time, but recently I detect in my PostgreSQL database, in radacct table some inconsistencies. First af all, I say that I have the standard configuration file (postgres.sql) for accounting queries.> > My problem is sometimes the field acctstoptime is full when the user is connected. I can see the user in my hotspot as alive session. What is my problem? the issue is all interim update queries are rejected because the SQL update query does not find the folloing SQL WHERE:> > AcctSessionId = '%{Acct-Session-Id}' AND UserName = '%{SQL-User-Name}' AND FramedIPAddress= '%{Framed-IP-Address}' AND AcctStopTime IS NULL> >because AcctStopTime = '<date>'> >> > If you are using default configuration you should have detail file logs> as well. That log is created for each NAS daily by default (NAS> IP/detail-date). Check the detail file to see if accounting Stop packet> was received while the session was still alive. Accounting Stop packet> should be the only thing that inserts dates there.> > Ivan Kalik> Kalik Informatika ISP> > -> List info/subscribe/unsubscribe? See
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