Best way of adding custom authentication procedure to Freeradius that works in Windows/Linux platforms?

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Dec 11 13:48:24 CET 2008

Joshua Lim wrote:
> 1). Is there a way to get the cygwin version of rlm_perl.

  Compile it yourself from source.

> 2). Why am i facing the path/file not found problem?  Does this mean the
> cygwin version of rlm_exec doesn't work?

  No idea.  It's a cygwin issue.

> 3). Are there any other options for me besides rlm_exec and rlm_perl?

  Creating a native port of FreeRADIUS to Windows, or paying for one.

> 4). If i were to implement a custom module, must it be compiled into
> radiusd.exe?  I will want to avoid messing with the cygwin compiled
> radiusd.exe.  And if that is not the case, can i use a crossplatform
> programming language like freepascal to implement the module, instead of
> C? 

  The server is written in C, not pascal.

> A little info on the custom authentication procedure:
> 1. I need to provide a doubl! e-factor authentication to my users.
> 2. The first level will be a simple challenge and password (i reckon
> that this can be done using File or MySQL).


> 3. Upon successful first authentication, the user is not given
> access-accept, instead, he needs to enter a second password (this is the
> OTP).  The OTP must be generated by the custom script/module by
> accessing some external database - this is done immediately after the
> first authentication has been successfully completed.

  You will need a custom module to do this.

  Alan DeKok.

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