Sending Accounting Response

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Dec 13 08:50:23 CET 2008

Padam J Singh wrote:
> According to the RFC 2866, it is possible to send back attributes to an
> accounting update packet sent from a NAS.

  *Please* use the correct terminology.  It makes it easier for us to
understand your question.

  If I read what I *think* you mean, then no, RFC 2866 does not allow
attributes in an Accounting-Response.

> What I have done is this: The authorization and authentication queries
> are basically calls to a stored procedure in postgres that returns a set
> of table type which contains the attribute, operator and value.
> I can write a stored procedure to return a set of attributes to send
> back in an accounting start/update/stop, but all the queries given as
> examples in the default dialup.conf are update queries that do not
> return any attribute.
> How do I configure the postgres module to return the attributes to the NAS?

  You don't.

  Please explain why you think this is necessary.  Also be aware that
any attributes you send in an Accounting-Response will be ignored by
*every* NAS that anyone has ever made.

  Alan DeKok.

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