Sending Accounting Response

Padam J Singh padam.singh at
Sat Dec 13 09:03:33 CET 2008


According to the RFC 2866, it is possible to send back attributes to an
accounting update packet sent from a NAS.

What I have done is this: The authorization and authentication queries
are basically calls to a stored procedure in postgres that returns a set
of table type which contains the attribute, operator and value (for
authorization), and encrypted password for authentication.

I can write a stored procedure to return a set of attributes to send
back in an accounting start/update/stop, but all the queries given as
examples in the default dialup.conf are update queries that do not
return any attribute.

How do I configure the postgres module to return the attributes to the
NAS? The NAS is an application I have written that parses all attributes
sent back after an auth-request and acct-start/update/stop.



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