Somewhat OT: Captive portal on acess points instead complex supplicant at level end user?

Sergio Belkin sebelk at
Mon Dec 15 02:54:20 CET 2008


Currently I'm using:

*OpenWRT Kamikaze in AP's
*Freeradius 2.1.2

End users either use ttls or peap on their notebooks, as I have a LDAP
server, each use his username and a password.

Problem with this approach is that is somewhat complex for end users,
they must either install a software or do a complicated configuration
(think in end users terms, please). I'd want to have a open wireless
network and that each user access to captive portal and enter his
username and password, that captive portal "redirects" request to
freeradius and freeradius in turn queries to ldap server.

I'd want to know if CoovaAP (or something similar, what?) can perform
such task as portal captive installed on APs.

I'd be glad to read suggestions

Thanks in advance!!

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