Space after exec module - is it a bug?

Lech Karol Pawłaszek ike at
Mon Dec 15 11:57:39 CET 2008


I've encountered a weird problem. Tested on the newest stable (2.1.3)
too. Well it's not a problem anymore since I found out a way to make my
unlangish things work but:

I wanted to check some things in post-auth. I am passing some arguments
to my script and I want to do something based on the script's output

switch "%{exec:/script %{User-Name} %{outer.request:Calling-Station-Id}" {
    case 0 {
        update reply {
            Tunnel-Private-Group-Id := "2000"
    case "1" {
        update reply {
            Tunnel-Private-Group-Id := "1999"
    case "2 " {
        update reply {
            Tunnel-Private-Group-Id := "999"

As you can see it's not a rocket science. script prints a number 0, 1 or
2 and exits. What's weird is that only the last case example will work.
Is this intentional that there has to be a space in case expression?

The same applies to this situation:

if ("%{Calling-Station-Id} " == "%{exec:/script2 %{Calling-Station-Id}") {

when script2 only prints the argument. Why there is a need for a space?
It won't work with this expression:

if ("%{Calling-Station-Id}" == "%{exec:/script2 %{Calling-Station-Id}")

Kind regards,

PS script2 looks like this:

import sys

if __name__ == "__main__":
    print sys.argv[1]

Lech Karol Pawłaszek <ike>
"You will never see me fall from grace" [KoRn]

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