Two servers using virtualization

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Mon Dec 15 19:24:01 CET 2008

>    My problem is that I need to control my clients MAC address that 
>will connect into my APs. My AP will send it package like this to radius:
>Mon Dec 15 14:38:25 2008 : Auth: Login incorrect: 
>[00:15:AF:6B:E0:E2/password] (from client ap2000 port 0)
>    MAC address I already have into my mysql tables and password is the 
>same for every mac. I just need to run another FreeRadius server on the 
>same machine listening on another port (for auth and acco) and this new 
>server should use another SQL instance.

Why. Just put those mac addresses as usernames in your radcheck table. No
need for another radius or sql server instance.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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