FreeRADIUS vs Aradial RADIUS

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Dec 15 22:28:11 CET 2008

Aldo Zavala wrote:
> Thanks for the input Alan, definitely I am sure FreeRADIUS is much better...what can be better than thousand of users, open source, free, and feature rich as itself... I apologize to all for the Subject of my inquiry, I wanted somebody to have tested Aradial and FreeRADIUS and tell me how professional can be this "Aradial".

  This isn't the list to use for that question.

> I am like scared because I am about to deploy a RADIUS AAA server in my network, and I was looking into commercial options... such as: Huawei: $500,000 DLLS (yes... DAMN!) Juniper: $100,000 DLLS ( !!! )... and here is FreeRADIUS... but I have no idea how to configure it... it like scares me because there are no manual to tell me step by step how to configure it to fit my needs and to feet my equipment....

  There are alternatives to expensive commercial solutions.  And there
are no guides for FreeRADIUS to tell you how to configure it for your
system.  There are 100,000 different systems using FreeRADIUS, and it is
impossible to write guides for them all.

> I am in a cellular network (CDMA2000), I need to create two domains in AAA, one for EVDO and other internet services, the other for MMSC services, In order to have the capability of adding different subscribers in AAA under different domains, that way we can bill MMS and EVDO as separate services.

  This should be trivial.

> I downloaded the FreeRADIUS mysql port in one FreeBSD box, I have no idea how to start configuring it there are many .conf files, and each config file is huge..., you told me in another reply  that I have to configure FreeRADIUS to respond with the correct attributes that are needed by the PDSN, how can I know that? The Huawei PDSN documentation I have only tells how to configure the NAS with the "Huawei AAA" and dont say much about attributes.... can please tell what you mean with "attributes that are needed by PDSN?" what are those attributes and what they does?

  The documentation for the RADIUS client should tell you.  If the
documentation doesn't tell you, call support and ask.  If they don't
help you, buy equipment from a vendor who will give you documentation
for it.

> This is the relevant part of the PDSN config that I think is related to RADIUS:

  None of that is related to RADIUS.

  Alan DeKok.

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