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Leigh and Ivan,

I have a system that works on my WISP and this program is not hackable 
(economic reasons -- this would cost too much to alter). As I already 
have all my clients MAC address into radcheck table (as a value for 
Calling-Station-Id) why can't I use this MAC to authenticate it in my 
NAS/AP? This is my question. Why can't I look for the MAC in another 
colum besides "Username" colum? There should be some way cheaper to me...

Leigh Martell escreveu:
> I completely agree with you! I am still curious to why adding a user 
> is not an option though. Hopefully we will be "enlightened" as to why 
> it is not an option.
> 2008/12/15 <tnt at <mailto:tnt at>>
>     - hack your radius server?
>     - hack your user admin application?
>     It is credit to the quality and flexibility of Freeradius that messing
>     with the radius server comes up as an option at all.
>     Ivan Kalik
>     Kalik Informatika ISP


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