FreeRADIUS + WiMAX + Authentication

Kristoffer Milligan kristoffer at
Wed Dec 17 08:39:19 CET 2008


This is starting to make sense. The EAP authentication is successful but
I don't get any WiMAX keys to complete the authentication, because I
haven't provided all the information needed.

Now, according to the documentation in the module, it says:

#MN-NAI is the Mobile node NAI.  You have to create it, and put
#       it into the request or reply as something like:
#               WiMAX-MN-NAI = "%{User-Name}"

I'm a bit confused as to what information I need configure, and where to
configure it. Do you have a sample?

Kristoffer Milligan

On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 15:11 +0100, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Kristoffer Milligan wrote:
> > To me, it seems that the login is successful. What does raise a question
> > though, is this line:
> > 
> > Info: [wimax] No EAP-MSK or EAP-EMSK.  Cannot create WiMAX keys.
> > 
> > Is this correct behavior, or ?
>   You have not configured the server as per raddb/modules/wimax.
> > Also, any ideas to why the CPE doesn't associate after (apparently)
> > receiving a valid login?
>   Because it doesn't get the WiMAX keys that it needs.
>   Alan DeKok.

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