How to log failed auth attempts?

Todd R. tjrlist at
Wed Dec 17 10:18:10 CET 2008

Hello all, been spending lots of time reading the list archives, reading the
docs, sample configs and so on but can't find a solution so I thought I
would ping the list for some help.

I am running FR 2.1.3 which I installed a few days ago.

I have it doing most of what I need it to after a bit of work and lots of
reading :)

The thing I am stuck on right now is how to get FR to log failed login
attempts with the reason for the failure.

At the moment I have it logging the failed attempts in the radpostauth table
in MySQL. The problem is it only logs the result as a failure with no other

I would love to get the Reply-Message in the table but will settle for this
info in the Radius.log or any text based log.

It seems that most things I have read suggest that failed authentication
attempts are logged to the radius.log by default but they do not show up for

How can I either get the failed authentications in a text log with the
failure reason or get them in the MySQL table?

The latter being preferred but again I will settle for the text logging if
it's all that's available.

I am a FR newb so the simple the solution, the better :)

Thanks in advance for any help provided..

 Todd R.

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