WISPr-Bandwidth question

kevin rat at yia.ca
Wed Dec 17 18:14:19 CET 2008

While an "out of the box" solution is where I'll probably end up, I'm
battling with myself over the idea of how to best manage bandwidth on a
network including multiple remote locations, with both wired and
wireless connections.

I'm moving to using freeradius to authenticate (which ultimately will be
done by MAC for initial ease of setup) but I'm trying to figure out
where the Bandwidth attributes actually are used.

IOW, when using WISPr-Bandwidth, does that modify the client connection
at the client computer or does that occur at a proxy or firewall device?
What I'm getting at is, is a captive portal necessary or can a person
simply have client authentication via freeradius and the client network
card handle managing its own bandwidth?  And if so, is there any
possibility that the client computer could be modified by someone with a
bit of skill to bypass those controls?

Hope that made sense.



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