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Anders Holm anders.holm at
Fri Dec 19 14:39:38 CET 2008

Of course, I'm silly enough to expect others know what versions I'm running
.. *doh*

This is with FreeRADIUS 2.1.1 compiled from source.


2008/12/19 Anders Holm <anders.holm at>

> Hi folks.
> Looking a tad at the counters and how they get incremented I see the
> following:
> Sending Access-Accept of id 20 to port 32772
>         FreeRADIUS-Total-Access-Requests = 0
>         FreeRADIUS-Total-Access-Accepts = 36
>         FreeRADIUS-Total-Access-Rejects = 0
>         FreeRADIUS-Total-Access-Challenges = 0
>         FreeRADIUS-Total-Auth-Responses = 36
> This is on a test server, which currently is only getting requests for
> status. Shouldn't the Access-Requests also be incremented? I mean, if the
> Access-Accept is incremented, we must have had a request to being with.
> Also, using these counters for monitoring, it would be nice to see deltas
> from the previous Status request. Though, if I would go ahead and clear the
> counters (haven't even checked if it is possible tbh) I might have requests
> arriving between my last Status request packet and my clearing the counter,
> meaning my metrics would be incorrect. Would it be trivial to add some form
> of delta-since-last-status-request, or is it preferred to keep that in an
> external script?
> Just trying to figure out which would be the best route, and what others
> think of the idea. Might be useful for others here, so ...
> //anders
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