Attributes Bandwidth in radgrouprepy table

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Mon Dec 22 22:17:46 CET 2008

>My whole log debug is the next (I only have changed the MACs and IP, 
>user y pass of database). I think it's correct but I don't understand 
>why the sql queries are ignored by Radius ż? or at least their aren't in 
>the debug, only radcheck query
> Module: Instantiating sql
>  sql {
> *       authorize_check_query = "SELECT id, username, attribute, value, 
>op           FROM radcheck           WHERE username = 
>'%{SQL-User-Name}'           ORDER BY id"
>        authorize_group_check_query = "SELECT 
>FROM radgroupcheck,usergroup WHERE usergroup.Username = 
>'%{SQL-User-Name}' AND usergroup.GroupName = radgroupcheck.GroupName 
>        authorize_group_reply_query = "SELECT, 
>radgroupreply.Value,radgroupreply.op FROM radgroupreply,usergroup WHERE 
>usergroup.Username = '%{SQL-User-Name}' AND usergroup.GroupName = 
>radgroupreply.GroupName ORDER BY"*

You are missing authorize_reply_query and group_membership_query. Queries
you are using belong to the 1.1.x schema. Use default queries in
dialup.conf that belong to 2.1.3.

You can change the accounting queries to old ones if you don't want to
change the schema but keep the authorize.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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