Restricting dialup users to certain client definitions only

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Tue Dec 23 10:43:05 CET 2008

Thanks.. I assumed that if something didn't match in the group that there
was a reject. I was unsure how to make it reject if something didn't match
in the group.

I just figured out how to do this I think.

I set up another group called dialusers-denied and then assigned the user to
two groups like so:

Testuser > dialusers > priority 1
Testuser > dialusers-denied > priority 2

For dialusers I set the client-ip-address check, if there is a match then
the attributes are sent and all is well.

For dialusers-denied group I set a check item for Auth-Type Reject.

If the check item/s fail for dialusers those attributes aren't sent but it
then falls through to dialusers-denied group and sends the Auth-Type Reject.

This seems to work, hopefully I got it now and this is the way it's suppose
to be done.

Just took me a while to get how to reject if a check didn't match.

Things works in my testing but if I am going down the wrong road, please let
me know.


--Todd R.

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>OK, took me a while but here is the SQL dump and the Debug output. One
>that's interesting is that I only seem to get my reply attributes from the
>radgroupreply table when I am coming from the allowed client-ip-address,
>when coming from any other IP I still get an accept but I get not reply
>attributes. So, FR seems to know the difference but I guess I am just not
>sending the reject or something?

That's how groups work. If a group check doesn't match - group reply
attributes are ignored. User doesn't get rejected if one of the groups
he belongs to doesn't match. SQL is a storage fascility - it's not an
authentication method.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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