Updating nas-port after authentication

rgreiner mrgreiner at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 14:33:08 CET 2008


I'm trying to update NAS-Port in the MySQL database after the user logs
in, using the postauth_query query.

The query I tried looks like this:

        postauth_query = "UPDATE radcheck SET radcheck.value='%{NAS-Port}' \
                        WHERE radcheck.username = '%{User-Name}' \
                        and radcheck.attribute='NAS-Port'"

Before putting this line, I've inserted a line for each user in radcheck
with the contents being ('username', NAS-Port, =*,<empty for the value
field>). I'm using the '=*' operator just for the tests. I intend to
change that later to '=='.

I've uncommented the 'sql' line in the post-authentication section in
the config line, but nothing is happening in the database. I've tried to
change the 'postauth_table' entry in sql.conf to "radcheck", but still
nothing. If I put the postauth_query query back to it's original value
(and the entry in sql.conf too), it works fine, inserting one entry
after each login. Did I do something wrong, or is my idea for updating
the NAS-Port just insane? Should I go for unlang instead?



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