freeradius on ubuntu 8.04

John Hottel hottel at
Wed Dec 31 16:26:19 CET 2008

yes, the request happens first before i see the "walking the entire request" part. Also, the waking up in 1 second piece is repeated 3 times before i get the access reject.

>>> On 12/31/2008 at 10:18 AM, in message <kzKd3NlK.1230736709.3551350.tnt at>, <tnt at> wrote:
>My issue is the first ldap connection works great. The first time. I then see a message on the server saying:
>"Nothing to do. Sleeping until we see a request." 
>If i happen to make a login attempt within 15 seconds of that coming up, i see:
>"---Walking the entire request list---
>Waking up in 1 seconds...
>sending Access-Reject
>waking up in 4 seconds... "
>When i try again, it works.

There should be an Access-Request before it sends an Access-Reject. Is
that somewhere in the debug?

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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