freeradius on ubuntu 8.04

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Dec 31 16:46:32 CET 2008

John Hottel wrote:
> If i happen to make a login attempt within 15 seconds of that coming up,
> i see:
> "---Walking the entire request list---

  You are running 1.1.7 (or later).

  Upgrade to 2.1.3.

> Waking up in 1 seconds...
> sending Access-Reject
> waking up in 4 seconds... "
> When i try again, it works.
> Any ideas what this could be? If you need more info as to my version of
> freeradius, i will be more then happy to supply the info, if you tell me
> how to retrieve it :)

$ man radiusd

  radiusd -v

  Alan DeKok.

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