no start of radiusd after reboot : mysql connection error

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Thu Feb 7 10:55:39 CET 2008

Alan DeKok a écrit :
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>> Hello,
>> I use freeradius-1.1.3-1.2.el5 and freeradius-mysql-1.1.3-1.2.el5. the
>> mysql database (mysql-server-5.0.22- is hosted on a remote host
>> (both centos5).
>> When I use /etc/init.d/radiusd as root it starts up correctly. But when
>> the service is launched at boot time, I get this error-log :
>   The server is configured with "user" and "group" in radiusd.conf, and
> that user/group does not have permission to talk to the MySQL server.
>> I set a tcpdump on the mysql-server host, and during the boot of my
>> freeradius server, I see no traffic comming from freeradius host.
>> There is no reject in the firewall.
>> I've tried to put the radius rc.d script in S99 to start it as late as
>> possible, but nothing changes.
>   It's a permission problem, not a boot order problem.
>> I also noticed that it doesen't seem to retry to connect to the database
>> later. Or is it after a long time ?
>> Is this a bug ?
>> Where is the retry time configured (I cant try to set up to 5 seconds) ?
>   Re-trying when it doesn't have permission to connect won't help.
>   Alan DeKok.
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Do you mean that I must allow my user on the mysql server ? I don't 
think so, since there is no traffic from the freeradius to mysql at boot 
time. And furthermore, the user *is* allowed to connect to database from 
the free-radius host
There are perhaps permissions problems on the freeradius hosts, to 
launch a particular process ?
Please can you telle me how I can allow user/group to talk to the MySQL 
server ?


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