rlm_perl with huge load (~1000-1500 request per minute)

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Feb 11 16:45:19 CET 2008

John S. Doe wrote:
> Hello!
> i use freeradiusd 1.7, rlm_perl with thread conf:
> thread pool {
>         start_servers =  100
>         max_servers = 1500
>         min_spare_servers = 1
>         max_spare_servers = 10
>         max_requests_per_server = 10
> }
> rlm_sql uses mysql.
> All works fine, but sometime, at moment with high load:
> Error: Discarding duplicate request from client nas_4:63429 - ID: 154 due to unfinished request 2176280
> and radiusd like "frozen", take 99% of CPU time, and not response for
> client's request.
> FreeBSD 6.3, Hardware is adequate - 2xXeon with 2 Gb Ram.

Yikes. You're telling it to start 100 threads, and maybe start 1500 
threads, but to start closing down threads when there are 1-10 inactive. 
You're also telling it to close each thread after it's done 10 requests, 
rather than just running forever.

That is a silly config. The defaults are a long way from that, for a 
good reason.

Set "max_requests_per_server = 0" and max_servers no greater than double 
start_servers (at a guess - certainly 1500 is a stupidly large number, 
your OS will never, every successfully schedule 1500 contending threads)

As for why it's freezing; it could be related to the thread config, but 
more likely your perl module (or another module) is simply taking too 
long to respond. Spawning more threads won't help that - you need to 
solve why the module is responding slowly.

What's the full config? What other modules are you running, any database 
lookups? Why did you change the thread config to something so extreme? 
How many NASes do you have? What's your load like?

> any ideas?
> Tnx.

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