EAP-TTLS/PAP tunneling issue

Edwin van Zyl edwinvanzyl at conor.co.za
Tue Feb 12 12:22:02 CET 2008


FreeRadius Version 1.1.7

I'm looking for some help with regards to setting up EAP-TTLS. I've  
managed to make some progress, but can't get past the following  
problem which gets printed in the debug logs:

  rlm_eap_ttls: Session established.  Proceeding to decode tunneled  
"rlm_eap_ttls:  Non-RADIUS attribute in tunneled authentication is not  

The message gets generated when attribute length > 255, but none of  
the attributes I send through are that large.

I'm using JRadius to simulate Radius traffic over EAP-TTLS/PAP and are  
sending through the following when receiving the message.

Sending RADIUS Packet:
Class: class net.sf.jradius.packet.AccessRequest
User-Name = edwinvanzyl
Tunnel-Password = edwinvzyl09
State = [Binary Data (length=16)]
EAP-Message = [Binary Data (length=79)]
Message-Authenticator = [Binary Data (length=16)]

Can anyone please assist?

Kind Regards,
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