Could not link driver

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Feb 15 10:48:09 CET 2008

johnson elangbam wrote:
> hi,
>      I couldn't be able to link the driver of mysql 5 with free radius
> 2.0.2 due to this file "". I couldn't locate this file
> in my entire system. I've gone througe all the faq's, but it doesn't
> work. the error's still there.

  (1) Did the server find the MySQL headers at "configure" time?
  (2) Did the server build the file?

  The output of "configure" and "make" WILL say whether or not they're
building the module.  Yes, the output is long and full of things you
don't care about.  Dump the output to a file, and use "grep" to find
references to mysql.

  It sounds like you haven't installed the MySQL client libraries and
the client development headers.  Without those, the build system won't
be able to create

  Alan DeKok.

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