2 different authorization?

javkhlanbaatar at newcomsystems.mn javkhlanbaatar at newcomsystems.mn
Fri Feb 15 13:15:04 CET 2008


Ok Alan. I get it. My fault. Thanks.

I want to ask how can I manage two different authorization?
I mean, I have 2 radcheck and radreply tablesin mysql. (radcheck1,
radcheck2, radreply1 and radreply2). When User1 authenticates, mysql
checks in radcheck1 table and replies from radreply1 table. As for User2,
it is same as above, checks radcheck2 and reply from radreply2. How can I
manage two different users' logins check according to their related

> javkhlanbaatar at newcomsystems.mn wrote:
>> I've installed 2.0.2 version and run with debug mode.
>> I've got username, password and MAC address in mysql radcheck table.
>> But it didn't check MAC address. but in my radiusd.conf, there is
>> checkval :
>   You sent it an Access-Request that doesn't contain a
> Calling-Station-Id attribute.  What do you expect it to do?
>   Alan DeKok.
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