acct copy

Alexandre Chapellon alexandre.chapellon at
Fri Feb 15 19:18:09 CET 2008

Hello all

I come back with the same problem.... I don't want to annoy anybody but 
I'm still clueless.

I use the fresh freeradius 2.0.2 as an accounting server (to a mysql 
database) but I have other server that must host accounting informations 
too (1 billing server and 2 for a content filtering product).
I have tried to replicate my accouting data using 
copy-acct-to-home-server virtualhost:

server copy-acct-to-home-server {
        listen {
                type = detail
                filename = ${radacctdir}/detail
                load_factor = 10
       preacct {
 while prior sql accouting is done by another virtual server that writes 
too the detail file (with the option locking = yes)  used by 

server local_acct {
        accounting {

I have noticed that the detail file never gets read totaly  (usually 
only one request) and so only few (most of the time one) requests get 
effectively proxied to the home server.
I can't understand why... is it something contained in the 

I'm really clueless and would greatly appreciate any help.

I have an addditionnal question.... will it be possible to copy 
accounting to 3 servers, and how?


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