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Lemaster, Rob rlemaste at
Tue Feb 19 04:04:12 CET 2008

I read the passwd module in radiusd.conf, and I couldn't find how to enable clear-text passwords for authentication. Could you reply with a direct link or more specifics?
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Lemaster, Rob wrote:
> I am using FreeRADIUS v1.0.5 in a non-production lab environment.

  Well... I suggest upgrading.

> What hashing algorithm is used to store passwords in passwd?

$ man passwd

  i.e. whatever your system supports.

> Does FreeRADIUS have an option to read passwords in clear text?
Sure. See the "passwd" module && documentation in FreeRADIUS.> Is there an easy way to create hashed passwords from some Unix
> command-line utility?

  The simplest is Apache's "htpasswd" program.

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