'Idle-Timeout' and the 'Acct-Session-Time' argument

GNULinuxSlackware gnulinuxslackware at free.fr
Sat Feb 23 17:09:51 CET 2008

2008/2/23, Alan DeKok <aland at deployingradius.com>:
> GNULinuxSlackware wrote:
>  > I have fixed an 'Idle-Timeout' argument into the "radgroupreply" MySQL table.
>  > This works fine with the users in the group but the problem is that
>  > "Idle-Timeout" doesn't report the logged out to "Acct-Session-Time".
>   I have no idea what that means.
OK. So I have a Chillispot Access Point (http://www.chillispot.info/)
which use Freeradius.
Freeradius use MySQL to store users accounts.
There is a radius database with a lot of tables :
I can insert into the
 'Idle-Timeout' argument.
I can read the 'Acct-Session-Time' argument which give me the session
time for each user who is logged out.

>  > So, in the "radacct" table, I can't see the user session is terminated.
>  >
>  > What is the solution to close automatically the session in the
>  > "radacct" table when there is an "Idle-Timeout" report?
>   Huh?  Idle-Timeout is not a report.
No Idle-Timeout is only an argument for Freeradius in my MySQL radius database.

>   If the access point does not log the user out after an Idle-Timeout,
>  then it does not support that feature.  If you need that feature, you
>  should use an access point which supports it.
>   Alan DeKok.

How to update automatically the 'Acct-Session-Time' argument when
there is an 'Idle-Timeout'?

Thank you a lot.
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