Changing Reply-Message for expired Password

Tim White weirdit at
Sun Feb 24 22:10:39 CET 2008

Phil Mayers wrote:
> Tim White wrote:
>> $ freeradius -v
>> freeradius: FreeRADIUS Version 1.1.6, for host i486-pc-linux-gnu, 
>> built on Jun  8 2007 at 17:17:46
>> I'm using Freeradius, with MySQL (rlm_sql) as the backend for Coova 
>> Chilli (and it's JSON interface). Unfortunately, the reply-message 
>> when the password is expired, contains a newline at the end, which 
>> breaks chilli (due to the newline being in the JSON object, which 
>> breaks).
>> Short of recompiling Freeradius with the newlines removed, is there 
>> an easier way to change this reply-message?
> Assuming you mean a radius Reply-Message attribute in the 
> Access-Accept or Access-Reject, there are two possibilities:
>  1. You have put the newline in yourself, either in files 
> (/etc/raddb/users) or the SQL/LDAP/other lookup
>  2. It's in their accidentally
> I'm going to take a wild guess and say you forgot the closing " in 
> /etc/raddb/users i.e. you have:
>     Reply-Message = "there will be a newline here
Firstly, I'm not using files at all, and as it's the Reply-Message for 
when a password has expired, it's not going to be in /etc/raddb/users 
anyway, as when a password has expired, the server replaces all the 
Reply-Message attributes with it's own. In this case, the one with the 
> As advised in the docs and on this mailing list daily, run the server 
> in debug mode (-X) to see where the newline is actually coming from.
I did that.

I've now got the sources, and it appears to be in the src that the 
problem is.
                              "Password Has Expired\r\n",

Looking the the 2.0.2 sources, I see the same problem, except I 
understand seeing as this code is in rlm_expiration now, that it can be 
overridden in config files.
        NULL, "Password Has Expired\r\n"},

So from my quick look, is there no way to fix this in 1.1.7 without 
recompiling freeradius? If not, anyone know of a package for 2.0.2 for 



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