Consuming card code

Ivan Kalik tnt at
Thu Feb 28 10:39:59 CET 2008

>The problem:
>    There is a host that controls internet access for 25 different machines.
>    For having internet access machine user must type prepaid code.
>      (there are 1000 generated prepaid valid codes)
>    With one prepaid code user can use the internet for 1h.
>    If user used only 20min of his current prepaid code he can use it again.
>         on another machine (this code now gives 40min of internet access)
>My naive solution:
>    Use freeradius on host and special .net app on every user machine
>    to control everything.

Use freeradius total (sql)counter instead.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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