Freeradius and OpenVpn

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Are using mysq?
Are you see if you check sentence say User-Password := boss not != for

Some thing like that hapend to wen I set User-Password = pass
the op must be ':='

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I set up a openvpn server with radius plugin.
Everything seems to run.
Now, i submit my username + password using the openvpn win client from .
For debugging, i enabled password logging in radius

Mon Jun  2 03:44:14 2008 : Auth: Login incorrect: [hugo/boss] (from client
ds01 port 3 cli
Mon Jun  2 03:44:15 2008 : Auth: Login incorrect: [hugo/boss] (from client
ds01 port 3 cli

But the hugo/boss combination is right.

I also have a poptop server running which uses the same radius server.
There i get the following message

Mon Jun  2 04:13:33 2008 : Auth: Login OK: [hugo/<no User-Password
attribute>] (from client ds01 port 1 cli 7.19)

Well, now as i see this message, it it because i only support MsCHAPv2 ???
So i guess, i have to allow something else? What is it?


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