rlm_ippool fail

tg_melo at bol.com.br tg_melo at bol.com.br
Thu Jun 5 18:26:25 CEST 2008

>> Does the file exist? FreeRADIUS is at the mercy of the OS here. If
>>the OS says "no such file or directory", it means "no such file or
>>directory". No amount of playing with the FreeRADIUS configuration will
>>make the file suddenly exist.
>> Does the db.ippool file exist?
>> Alan DeKok.

>You are suposed to delete those files when you are changing ip pool
>range. Module should be able to start without them.
>Ivan Kalik
>Kalik Informatika ISP

First of all, thanks for your reply Alan and Ivan.
But Alan, the deal is what Ivan said. And it was tested with the 1.1.7 version.
If you delete the file or it doesn't exist, freeradius creates another one, in order to follow your IP distribution config. And mainly, if you consider that neither the source or the ports install comes with the file.
I also tried to put another previously created file there, and even an empty one. But without any result unless the error described. 
Executing the server as root or freeradius permissions doesn't create the file.
If you have any other idea, I'll be thankful. I'm realy in trouble here.

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