Need help on FreeRadius & CDR Tool

Do Nguyen Ha hadn at
Fri Jun 6 04:04:25 CEST 2008


 manage the Cisco BTS 10200 system, and now i am assigned a task to work with the Radius
i choose the FreeRadius to work with Cisco BTS system

modify some config in radiusd.conf & clients.conf 

first, BTS send message Access Request to FreeRadius and then Freeradius send message Access Accept, they working properly

when BTS send message Account Start to Radius, there are a lot attribute and freeradius save them in the radacct table

this is the account start message structure:

    Attribute ID         Vendor ID         Sub Attribute ID         Status          Attribute Name                          Type                      Value 
    1                                                                                  M-              User-Name                              String                      ANI 
    4                                                                                  M-              NAS-IP-Address                      IP Address              BTS IP address 
    6                                                                                  M-              Service-Type                           Integer                    Service Type = Outbound 
    25                                                                                C+              Class                                     String                    CLASS Attribute 

    26                          9                          1                         M-              h323-incoming-conf-id=value     String                      A unique number for identifying a calling session on a gateway, where a session is closed when the calling party hangs up.

    26                          9                          24                         M+              h323-conf-id                          String                      Unique call identifier generated by the BTS. Used to distinguish the separate billable events (calls) within a single calling session.

    26                          9                          25                         M-              h323-setup-time                      String                      hh:mm:ss.mmm  ZON DDD MMM ## YYYY Setup time in NTP format. 

    26                          9                          28                          M-             h323-connect-time                  String                      hh:mm:ss.mmm  ZON DDD MMM ## YYYY Connect time in NTP format. 

    26                          9                          27                          M+              h323-call-type                      String                         Telephony,VOIP 
    30                                                                                   C-                Called-Station-ID                  String                          DNIS 
    31                                                                                   C+              Calling-Station-ID                  String                          ANI 
    40                                                                                  M+               Acct-Status-Type                 Integer                          Acct-Status-Type = Start (1) 
    44                                                                                  M+              Acct-Session-ID                    String                          Accounting Session ID 
    55                                                                                  M+              Event-Timestamp                  Integer                          Event Time Stamp 
    61                                                                                  M-                NAS-Port-Type                    Integer                          Ethernet (15) 


but in radacct , there some columm doesn't match with the message Account Start, i want to change the name of some columm to match the message 

what should i need to edit the sql.conf for this issue

On the CDR Tool, what should i need to edit to working properly





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