text "files" authentcation fails (2.0.3)

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Jun 6 15:33:10 CEST 2008

oz wrote:
> I'm sorry that I wasn't aware that "Password" has to be replaced with
> "Cleartext-Password" in 2.x. I read the docu before, but didn't find it
> mentioned explicitly.

  You're using 1.1.7.  It was mentioned in the documentation when 1.1.4
was released.

> Yes, that can't be stressed enough! But I did, I just had the
> misunderstanding, that Cleartext-Password means the *value* of
> User-Password - and not is an attribute name by itself. And in "man
> rlm_pap" Cleartext-Password is not mentioned.


> Now, that I know that "Cleartext-Password" is mandatory in 2.x, I have
> another problem. I can't take the same users-file I use with my other
> 1.1.7-Servers without conversion. Freeradius-2.x is in my situation not
> downward-compatible, right?. Is it a dumb idea, to convert  Password -->
> Cleartext-Password in a later release, when "compat = cistron" ist used?
> Or to accept both terms, "Password" and "Cleartext-Password"?

  Don't use Password or User-Password anywhere in the configs.  Use

  Alan DeKok.

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