logging of tls logons

Vladimir Vassiliev vova at edu.yar.ru
Fri Jun 6 17:21:07 CEST 2008

I have such entries in my radius.log
Fri Jun  6 18:52:31 2008 : Auth: Login OK: [asus_large] (from client wifi port 2 cli 00-19-7D-4A-B7-F4)

asus_large - in this example is a common name of SSL certificate and I thought it cannot be forged and I can identify which
certificate was used. But today I entered to wifi network from my PDA and saw that I can forge this entry as I want. So, it's not really common name, but something provided by client.

So, how can I get in logs exactly common names?

Vladimir Vassiliev <vova at edu.yar.ru>

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