Whether the FreeRADIUS supports switch 3Com 5500G-EI ?

Krzysztof Olędzki krzysztof.oledzki at axelspringer.pl
Mon Jun 9 17:19:39 CEST 2008

On 2008-06-09 16:09, Gennadiy Redko wrote:
> Alan DeKok ?????:
>> Gennadiy Redko wrote:
>>> The authorization to FreeRadius is passed at the given moment, but to
>>> port is not allotted necessary VID.
>>   The 3com switch is broken.
> Hardly
> I have six new switch on a choice.
>>> FreeRADIUS does not support 3Com switches ?
>>   FreeRADIUS is sending the attributes that the 3com documentation says
>> is necessary.  The 3com switch is responsible for interpreting those
>> attributes, and following it's documented behavior.
>>   No, FreeRADIUS is not broken.  The switch is broken, or the
>> documentation doesn't match the switch behavior.
> It is clear. Whether it is possible to check up somehow a management 
> on adjustment for presence of mistakes? Technical support 3Com 
> wishes to show, that I somewhere have incorrectly adjusted FreeRADIUS.
> But at same stand Cisco 2970 - works.

I guess it works because it is properly configured. 3Com may also work 
if you setup it with (a blind guess):

domain (...)
  vlan-assignment-mode string
  accounting optional

Best regards,

			Krzysztof Olędzki

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