Forcing lowercase User-Name with rlm_perl

oz oz at
Wed Jun 11 22:04:47 CEST 2008

On Sat, 17 May 2008 18:09:09 -0700
Chris <cjl at> wrote:

> Thanks.  I'll look at lc.
> I was actually more concerned about the interfacing with freeradius  than the perl itself.

Hello, another user here, who needs "lower_user = before" to be able to
switch to freeradius-2.0.x. Our database is an historically grown

Were you or somebody else able to follow the advice of using
rlm_perl and lc()?

I must admit, I'm not able to program freeradius-perl-plugins :-/, but
would test it if necessary. At the moment I don't even have the
rlm_perl in /usr/local/lib/, but that I could solve by myself I guess
(libperl-dev wasn't already installed during compile-time on my minimal
Debian/lenny etc.).

I know, there is nothing like a wishlist, but the lowercase-feature is
essential if we want to use 2.x it in the future.

kind regards

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