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Mathieu Lemaitre mlemaitre at
Wed Jun 18 11:52:37 CEST 2008


We use freeradius for our clients. Clients have a username with a realm, 
like user at domain. Proxy radius and radius server are on the same 
machine, and my proxy.conf looks like this:

realm domain {
        type            = radius
        authhost        = localhost:1812
        accthost        = localhost:1813
        secret          = secret

Users can log in, but accounting seems to have problems:

on accounting start:

Wed Jun 18 11:43:30 2008 : Info: rlm_radutmp: Login entry for NAS nas 
port 167 duplicate

on accounting stop:

Wed Jun 18 11:42:05 2008 : Error: rlm_radutmp: Logout for NAS nas port 
20, but no Login record

Accounting is logged in a mysql database, but appears twice: once with 
the realm (user at domain), and once without (user).

What can I do for proxied requests not to be logged ?

Pre-proxy logs seems to be disabled in the radiusd.conf:

        # detail pre_proxy_log {
                # detailfile = 

                #  This MUST be 0600, otherwise anyone can read
                #  the users passwords!
                # detailperm = 0600
        # }

Could a use attr_rewrite in this case, with something like this :

        attr_rewrite sanecallerid {
               attribute = UserName
                # may be "packet", "reply", "proxy", "proxy_reply" or 
               searchin = packet
               searchfor = "domain"
               replacewith = ""
               ignore_case = no
               new_attribute = no
               max_matches = 10
               ## If set to yes then the replace string will be appended 
to the original string
               append = no

Thanks for tour answers,

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