FreeRADIUS 2 not listening on right port

John Dennis jdennis at
Wed Jun 18 16:49:31 CEST 2008

Alan DeKok wrote:
> doc74 wrote:
>> Just installed 2.0.4 with MySQL Support from Ubuntu Repositories and got the
>> same problem:
> ....
>> Seems that the Port are increasing.
>   Wow.  There's nothing in the server that remembers ports from one
> execution to the next.
>   I'm running FreeRADIUS on ubuntu 7.10, and I don't see this.  I've
> also run it (again from source) on 8.04, and I don't see this.
>   Try compiling it from source...
Recall this problem is the consequence of two independent factors:

* the C source code use of pointer aliasing
* the compiler used and optimization level

The 2.0.5 version has Alan's fixes for pointer aliasing, if you build 
from source using a version less than 2.0.5 then your results will be 
dependent on the compiler. Rather than relying on your local compiler 
being more forgiving it might be wise to use 2.0.5 which contain the 
fixes which provoked the problem in the first place.

John Dennis <jdennis at>

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