FreeRadius and CoovaAP

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try with x-wrt have coova-chilli-xwrt and iw-freeradius and webif-mesh-hotspot-setup.
webif-mesh-hotspot-setup install and configure coova-chilli and freeradius-1.6 for local users and you can add proxy server where 
you want autenticate.
Maybe you can use that like gide.
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Subject: FreeRadius and CoovaAP

Hello list,

Has anybody implemented CoovaAP with FreeRadius talking to LDAP (Win
2003 Active Directory)?

I've been attempting to configure CoovaAP to authenticate against
Active Directory using FreeRadius binded to LDAP. The LDAP binding
goes fine. I can also successfully authenticate a user with a radtest
command from the local machine.
I run into problems when I enter a username and password into the
authentication page on my WRT54GL running CoovaAP. The password is
passed to FreeRadius as CHAP. LDAP fails with the error
"User-Password" is required for authentication. Cannot use
Is it possible for CoovaAP to pass usernames and passwords in a form
that LDAP can authenticate? I've been considering editing the
ChilliLibrary.js on the WRT54GL but that seems like a heavy handed
(and likely ineffective) way of going about it. Any help/suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

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