about eap_handler

blue_11j at yahoo.co.jp blue_11j at yahoo.co.jp
Tue Jun 24 05:48:31 CEST 2008

> > If radiusd continue receiving EAP-Identiry packet only
> > (it is malicious attack, not many trying to login.),
> > is eaplist_find() called ?
>   No.  But this doesn't matter, because EAP-Identity requests aren't
> put
> into the list.
>   Again, this is in the source code.

I'm sorry ...

but it look like that: 
  When radiusd received EAP-Identify request,
  eaplist_add(inst, handler) called in eap_authenticate()
  in rlm_eap.c,
  and the handler is allocated by eap_handler_alloc()
  in eap_handler() in eap.c.

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