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David Mitchell mitchell at
Thu Jun 26 22:45:08 CEST 2008

I should probably add that I can get the Service-Type added using the
'attrs' file in the post-proxy section. But I want to set the
Service-Type based on the user and huntgroup so that users have either
Administrative-User or Login-User access depending on the user and
device. This doesn't seem to be possible in the attrs file.


David Mitchell wrote:
> I've having a problem getting the proper attributes set on my response
> packets when using a proxy.
> If I authenticate locally with something like this in users:
> username Cleartext-Password password
>         Service-Type = Administrative-User,
>         Reply-Message = "Authorized Users Only",
> it works fine. The Service-Type and Reply-Message get sent off to the
> NAS and life is good. However, if I activate a NULL realm and proxy the
> authentications out, it no longer works. My users file looks more like this:
>         Service-Type = Administrative-User,
>         Reply-Message = "Authorized Users Only",
> Judging from the post-proxy-detail and reply-detail logs it looks like
> the proxy server is dropping all the attributes and my server doesn't
> put them back? Is that correct? And is that the way it's supposed to
> work? Thanks in advance,
> -David Mitchell

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