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Nicolas Goutte nicolas.goutte at extragroup.de
Sat Jun 28 16:27:07 CEST 2008

I have no idea if freeradius does or does not support PKCS#11 but  
what does tell you the log of the freeradius server? (Output of:  
radiusd -X ; i.e. the standard email of this mailing list.)

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Am 29.06.2008 um 13:02 schrieb Sergio Yébenes Moreno:

> I'm configuring freeradius server with opensc client-side. I'd like  
> to say if freeradius has support for PKCS#11.
> In wpa_supplicant log I see how client writes TLS-ChangeCipherSpec and
> TLS-Finished. This means that the server has authenticated but  
> freeradius show TLS error because client do not send
> certificate. I think it's because PKCS#11. I'm not sure, but I  
> really need to know. I'm using
> freeradius-server-2.0.4
> Thanks a lot
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