Duplicate accounting packets

Tim Lightfoot Tim.Lightfoot at sota.co.uk
Fri May 2 11:20:36 CEST 2008

Freeradius 2.0.3
FreeBSD 6.3
I have a problem where accounting packets are not getting acknowledged
by Freeradius.
I have been using the NTRadPing testing tool and have determined that if
the Accounting Start packet contains a NAS-Port attribute, the packet
will timeout.
If I remove the NAS-Port attribute from the Accounting Start packet I
get an instant response.
Please see below output from radiusd -X - the line that seems to vary
between successful and failed attempts is ++[unix] returns fail (its
++[unix] returns noop when successful).
Ready to process requests.
        User-Name = "80001 at test.net.uk"
        Acct-Status-Type = Start
        Acct-Session-Id = "2476"
        NAS-IP-Address =
        NAS-Port = 1073
+- entering group preacct
++[preprocess] returns ok
rlm_acct_unique: Hashing 'NAS-Port = 1073,Client-IP-Address =,NAS-IP-Address =,Acct-Session-Id =
"2476",User-Name = "80001 at test.net.uk"'
rlm_acct_unique: Acct-Unique-Session-ID = "22a2bff7af67d3ea".
++[acct_unique] returns ok
    rlm_realm: Looking up realm "test.net.uk" for User-Name =
"80001 at test.net.uk <mailto:s80001 at test.net.uk> "
    rlm_realm: Found realm "test.net.uk"
    rlm_realm: Proxying request from user 80001 to realm test.net.uk
    rlm_realm: Adding Realm = "test.net.uk"
    rlm_realm: Accounting realm is LOCAL.
++[suffix] returns noop
    acct_users: Matched entry DEFAULT at line 22
WARNING: Deprecated conditional expansion ":-".  See "man unlang" for
        expand: %{Stripped-User-Name:-%{User-Name}} -> 80001 at test.net.uk
++[files] returns ok
+- entering group accounting
        expand: /var/log/radacct/%{Client-IP-Address}/detail-%Y%m%d ->
rlm_detail: /var/log/radacct/%{Client-IP-Address}/detail-%Y%m%d expands
to /var/log/radacct/
        expand: %t -> Fri May  2 09:06:38 2008
++[detail] returns ok
++[unix] returns fail
Finished request 1.
Many thanks  



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