Failed to open socket

Joel MBA OYONE mba_oyone at
Mon May 5 08:51:05 CEST 2008

I had exactly the same message cause i was running radiusd -X via putty on another computer and forgot it. (2.0.2-3). i stop it on putty, then restart radiusd -X on server and everything was ok.
maybe you are in the same case.

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Lemaster, Rob wrote:
> I recently upgraded to 2.0.4, and now I'm seeing the following error when I start FreeRADIUS:
> Sat May  3 20:21:39 2008 : Error: ERROR: Failed to open socket: 
> Sat May  3 20:21:39 2008 : Error: /opt/freeradius-2.0.4/etc/raddb/radiusd.conf[210]: Error binding to port for port 1812
> Sun May  4 01:37:24 2008 : Info: Ready to process requests.

  So it *does* eventually start.  Do you change the configuration
between the start attempts?  If not, then it's difficult to say why it
starts one time, and then not another.

  Maybe it's port re-use timers?  Or something like the FreeBSD Jail issue?

  Is there a ktrace functionality on your system to see which system
calls it's doing, and what the results are?

  Alan DeKok.
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